Lancaster's Kennel

We are expecting Dachshund puppies and Lab puppies in late March!!! All of our puppies come with full AKC rights, litter pedigree, health record, food sample and their first toy!

Below is a picture of our puppy room that is in our home. This is where our puppies are born and raised!
Our kennel is in compliance with AKC rules and regulations, and have always passed  their thorough inspections. Last inspection was on July 21 2016!
If you are interested in one of the above puppies, and would like to make an appointment, or just would like more information, please call or e-mail.
Cindy Lancaster
This page was last updated: February 15, 2019
Kate and Hoagie became proud parents on December 31st! Kate belongs to my good friends Max and Tammie!
They have one puppy left and he is pictured below on Feb. 13th at 6 1/2 weeks old! If you are interested in him and would like more information you can call or text Max at 704-640-4665!!!
long hair male