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This is "Lancaster's Silly Gray Pooh Bear" aka  Grayson! He just turned 4 years old on October 15!
He is silly, playful, and very sweet and loving! He has fathered us five litters of beautiful healthy puppies! Grayson has that typical Isabella long hair coat (fine, mixed with long and short hairs). He comes with a litter pedigree and may need an updated rabies vaccine!
Isabella & tan
long hair male
Cream double dapple
short hair female
This is "Lancaster's Coppertone Baby" aka Miss Tanya! She will be 7 years old on January 7! She is very loving and would make a great companion and watch dog! She don't miss a thing! She's unique with a cool checkerboard pattern on her back and the one blue and one brown eye! Tanya has typical dachshund dental issues and is missing a bite out of her ear. She does have a microchip.
Black & tan double dapple
short hair female
This is "Lancaster's Beautiful Baby" aka Bootiful!
She turned 7 years old on December 28! She will make a great companion! She's sweet, loving and laid back! (maybe a little too laid back, she's a chunky monkey) She has a microchip and may need an updated rabies vaccine!
If you are interested in one of our adults, or would like more information, please call or email
Cindy Lancaster
This page was last updated: January 22, 2018
This is Vanna, she's a full blooded Jack Russell Terrier. Vanna is very sweet, loving, and very laid back for a Jack Russell! She would make a great companion! She is 9 years old!
White & Brown